The Wire Surfer is a WireGuard VPN - awesome next-gen tech that we want to share with everyone. You will be amazed how fast and easy the modern VPN can be. No more hassle to be safe.




We offer incredible speed that is unbeatable by others, almost free entry and `pay as you go` pricing both for casual surfers and hardcore cable riders. Network roaming is not a problem and the on-demand connection feature keeps you calm wherever you are.
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  • Anonymously accepting
  • we don't need your email, no 3rd-parties involved
  • Static IPv4/6 for every peer
  • pool of shared IPv4/IPv6, for a better privacy
  • Smart and simple pricing
  • no plans, one price and dozens of discounts
  • Pay as you go
  • minimal fee is your daily rate
  • No logs, no ties, minimal footprint
  • taking seriously what we store and what we flush
  • Secured DNS servers
  • IPv4/IPv6/DNSSEC, no forwarding, no leaks
  • Easy routing interface
  • choose all/except or only/exact with a click
  • Friendly support
  • bro, we are ready to tackle any problem
  • P2P and BT traffic allowed
  • amazing speed and you can seed too
  • Multiple devices, unlimited
  • 3 devices FOC with access up to 3 locations for each


  • Easy to configure and use
  • quick-start ready, simple client, QR code
  • Network roaming
  • forget connecting, surf networks freely
  • FAST thanks to UDP and crypto
  • 2-5X more throughput than OpenVPN
  • On-demand feature
  • restrict data sending through VPN only
  • Modern, proven, trustworthy
  • built into the Linux kernel, run by millions






Would you like to try out?

The basic rate is $0.23 per day but you can get it for much less right away.

Check out the pricing calculator on the next page, adjust for your needs and see the estimates for up to a year, instantly.

The price will shrink as you use our service, month by month. Basic rate may increase slightly if you need something outside of basic scope. Please contact us if you want something special.

What's up?

Please note that we're using a third-party chat, so if you don't want to share any personal information with this service make sure you don't reveal any details related to you.

Open Chat

Soon we'll move to a ticket system, but for now we'd be really glad to communicate with you online to get immediate feedback to help you fix any service related issues and answer all of your questions.


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