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  • We keep no logs.
  • We flush your session information once you disconnect.
  • We do not store your IP.
  • We do not store configuration of your devices.
  • We store public and preshared keys for your devices and your payment address.
  • After cancellation of the service your public and preshared keys will get deleted from the corresponding peers and from DB.
  • After cancellation of the service your payment address tied to your ID will be no longer pointing to it.
  • We do not keep DB backups on servers.
  • Peers have access to their chunk of information only.
  • We use official WireGuard software.
  • We use our own DNS servers and DNSSEC.
  • We keep DNSSEC turned ON for our domains.
  • We do not use any 3rd-party services to help us manage clients or handle database or process the payments.
  • Shared IPs guarantee that your traffic will be mixed with others.
  • Your private keys are generated on your side and are not shared with us.
  • We use SSL for system communications.